The River Room & The Waterfall Room

The River Room

Kristin McConnaughey – Lead Guide

Ophelia Hartford-Miottel – Assistant

Edder Ortega – Assistant

Kristin McConnaughey (she/her) began her work at Harmony as an Assistant to our founder, Jude in November 2000. For years she had worked with children many in different capacities, mainly as a nanny, but it wasn’t until she found Harmony and learned more about Montessori that she discovered her true calling in life. Kristin continued her work as an assistant the following year and then began her Montessori teacher training and certification through North American Montessori Center, while co-teaching for two years with Jude. She has been guiding the River Room at Harmony since 2005. Kristin’s life away from Harmony includes a passion for music and the outdoors. In her spare time she enjoys playing her guitar, singing, and exploring Oregon’s wild and scenic areas with her husband Jim and daughter Mesa.

“It is such a blessing to truly love the work you do! Everyday I feel inspired and uplifted through my interactions with the Harmony staff, parents and especially the children. Together, we are building a brighter, more enlightened and peaceful future.”     -Kristin

Ophelia Hartford-Miottel (she/her) joined Harmony as an Oasis assistant in the autumn of 2019 and began working with Kristin as the River Room assistant in the summer of 2020. As a Harmony alumnus, she is honored to be able to return to the classroom as an assistant guide. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, listening to music, and spending time in nature.


Edder Ortega-Barranco (they/them) joined the River Room as an assistant in October of 2021. They graduated from Boise State University in 2017 with a B.A. degree in Spanish. Edder soon discovered a passion for teaching the following year. Since then, Edder has enjoyed being in the company of children. Before becoming a member of the Harmony family, Edder taught Spanish to students between the ages of 3-6 in North Portland. They thrive best once connections are made! Edder LOVES to give out hugs to friends. Edder passionately believes that every child has a powerful voice waiting to be unleashed. It is only a matter of giving a child the opportunity to speak up, and to feel heard. Edder enjoys playing hide and seek with his cat, dancing to infectious pop music and getting lost in nature. Edder would describe himself as exceptionally ordinary! Their favorite foods are homemade enchiladas, bananas or really whatever’s in the fridge. Edder really isn’t all that picky with food. They prefer colder weather over warm-hot weather and is always ready to make new friends at Harmony!



The Waterfall Room

Joline Bassett – Lead Guide

Ana Arter – Assistant

Joline Bassett (she/her) joined the Harmony community in the Waterfall classroom in June 2013. She realized her love for young children while still a child herself, and began babysitting neighborhood children when she was ten years old. It was when Joline was invited to be a last-minute substitute in a friend’s Montessori school that the pieces fell together. She continued working as an assistant while completing her Primary Associate Certification at the Montessori Education Institute of the Pacific Northwest in Seattle, Washington in 2004. Joline has over ten years of experience in the Montessori classroom, as an assistant, intern, Co-Teacher, and Lead Teacher. Outside of the classroom, Joline enjoys spending time with her husband Brendon, and their two boys, Loic, and Simeon, and their dog, Percy. She loves discovering new crafts to dabble in and recently discovered that she actually enjoys running. Joline has also worked recently as a certified Birth Doula.


Ana Arter (she/her) is the assistant in the Waterfall Room and joined Joline in the classroom in the fall of 2020. She was born in Apatzingan Michoacan, Mexico. She received her diploma to teach pre-school in Mexico. In addition, she took early childhood education classes in the United States. Ana loves working with children of all ages and it is her passion to be a positive mentor for children.