The following are some of our most frequently asked questions that we hope will help provide you with additional information. Please complete the form on the sidebar if you have any further questions.

Q. Does my child need to be potty trained before attending your school?

Yes. The Department of Education for the State of Oregon requires that all children in a Preschool program be potty trained. We realize that the term “Potty Trained” can be a source of anxiety for many parents of young children. This anxiety stems from the question; “What does potty trained mean?”

At Harmony Montessori we define “potty trained” as the following:

  • Children need to come to school in ​underwear​. The Oregon State Department of Education prohibits the use of diapers or pull-ups in the preschool classroom.
  • Children ​must ​have an awareness of their body and be able to express to a teacher that they have to go.
  • Children can recognize when they need to urinate and/or defecate and make an attempt to make it to the toilet.
  • Children must be able to undress and dress themselves with minimal assistance.

We recognize that potty training is a process that every child must go through and every child has their own way of getting there and that setbacks or ‘accidents’ can and will occur from time to time. Our goal at Harmony Montessori is that each child be treated with respect and dignity at all times while working towards the goal of independence.

We must note that these guidelines are for children who have no medical or sensitive developmental needs. In such cases we should adapt our approach, in light of the medical advice and psychological guidance which has been provided, in as much can be supported without negative impact on the rest of the class as a whole.

Q. Can my child start if they are 3?

We are licensed through the Oregon Department of Education for children ages 3 through 12.  Your child can begin at Harmony Montessori the day they turn 3.

Q. What grade does your elementary program go through?

We currently have one elementary classroom that is a span classroom holding grades first through sixth.

Q. Do you offer financial aid?

Yes.  For more information about financial aid and how to apply please visit our Financial Aid page.

Q. What are your teacher to child ratios in your classrooms?

Our teacher to child ratios are 1:8 in our primary classrooms (Ages 3-6); meaning we have one teacher for every 8 children. Our elementary classroom ratio is 1:10 with a capacity of 1:12. 


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