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My children went to Harmony Montessori, and loved it. They felt safe – safe to explore boundaries, safe to express complex feelings — they felt nurtured, and they felt at home. Most preschools will teach your children the alphabet, numbers, basic math, some social skills. Few preschools will teach your children to be at peace with who they are. Harmony Montessori is one of those schools.

Former Parent

I love the people at Harmony to help us be healthy and people who care about us and love us for our hearts.

Harmony Student for 2.5 Years

I came to feel that Harmony was a family for us and the community we established – teachers, kids, administration and parents – we all worked for the greater goal of learning in a creative war with compassion and understanding.

I want to be a teacher because I loved my teacher at Harmony.

Graduated from Harmony in 2009. She attends The Internatinal School in the Spanish Immersion Program.

Harmony provided a warm, loving, nurturing environment while also providing an exceptional program. Ava developer new skills and gained confidence in her abilities. We loved the school and we all mourned when it was time to move on.

We are so grateful for the community we gained during our years at Harmony.
Kate and Otto

Harmony Graduates from 2009 and 2012