Nutrition & Health


Filtered water is provided in each classroom and each child is provided with an individual glass cup with their name on it. These personal cups are put through our sanitizing dishwasher every week. Juice and sugary drinks are not served at school and we asked that these beverages not be included in children’s lunch boxes.


Simple, nutritious snacks are provided to the children each morning and afternoon and are included in the cost of tuition. We are committed to serving healthful foods and use seasonal, local and organic items whenever possible. Our snacks include a whole-wheat grain, a fruit and/or vegetable and a protein such as cheese, legumes, etc. We provide alternative snacks for children with food allergies and dietary restrictions within reason. The Health Department requirements about food service are stringent, and we adhere to their regulations as well.


Lunch is a popular, social time for the children but at Harmony Montessori we also cultivate community, quiet conversation and careful clean-up. Children eat in their classrooms with their teachers and are provided a full hour of time to eat and clean-up. Porcelain plates and drinking cups are provided for each child.  Water and Organic 2% milk is served at lunch.

We offer two options for your child’s lunch:

  1. Hot lunch is included in tuition. A menu is published two weeks before the start of each month. Parents may choose which days they would like their child to have school lunch. You may choose any schedule, simply coordinate with our Food Service Coordinator. Our lunches include a serving of grain, protein and two fruits and/or vegetables.  We offer one alternate meal, usually vegetarian, and allergy-friendly options as needed
  2. If you choose not to partake in school lunch, families are asked to pack a nutritious balanced meal for your child each day.  We ask that you include some complex carbohydrates, a fruit or vegetable and a protein. We ask that chips and crackers be used very little, if at all to ensure your child has enough energy to sustain them throughout the day. To ensure your child’s lunch remains fresh we encourage parents to include a gel ice pack in their lunch to maintain a healthy and safe food temperature. Warm ups can be added once a week to your child’s lunch and may only be heated in a glass container.

Allergies & Dietary Restrictions

Harmony is currently a PEANUT and TREE NUT free school. We ask all families to read all labels when providing lunch for their child and not bring in items that contain the above ingredients. We understand and support families and children with special dietary practices or food allergies.

Preschool 2022-23 Immunization Rates


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Sample Lunch Menu

OHA Symtom-Based Exclusion Chart