Office Staff

Kim Greer (she/her) – Head of School joined the Harmony family in the spring of 2010 as the incoming Head of School. She first discovered Montessori in 1985 while working as a summer assistant for a Montessori School in her home town of Yakima Wa. She went on to pursue a business degree from the University of Washington only to discover that her passion lay in teaching, specifically the Montessori Method of teaching. Kim received her AMS Primary Diploma from the Montessori Teachers Institute of Tidewater in 1992 and began teaching in her first classroom that fall. Kim has 14 years of classroom experience; four of which were served as a Teaching Administrator. In 2006, she took a 4 year hiatus to care for and nurture her daughter Martinique. Kim brings a deep commitment that all children deserve honor and respect and that only through education that focuses on the whole child, body, mind and spirit will we begin to see a world-wide shift towards peace. Her other interests include reading, cooking, sewing, and  spending time with her husband Dave, her daughter Martinique and her large extended family.

“Harmony Montessori is an amazing community, which honors and respects everyone whether you are a child or an adult. Once you become a part of this wonderful community you will remain a Harmony family forever!”  – Kim

Keinya (she/her) – Site Director

Keinya rose to the position of Assistant Head of School during the summer of 2022. She began at Harmony as a guide in the Ocean Room in 2013 transitioned to the role of Administrative Assistant in the fall of 2021. Her Montessori journey began in 2001, when she witnessed the pure joy of children moving freely with coordination and patience while working as a classroom assistant in Reno, Nevada. From that moment, she became interested in learning more about the Montessori Method. In 2005, Keinya received her Primary Diploma from the Montessori Northwest and a Master’s in Education from Loyola University. Keinya also earned a BA in Dance, with a minor in Sociology/Anthropology from Denison University in Ohio. In addition to working with children on the Primary level, she spent several years working with Montessori adolescents, teaching Humanities, writing, and dance. Outside the Harmony community, Keinya enjoys taking dance classes, choreography, music, reading about historical events, the outdoors, and most of all spending time with her husband Matt, her teenage son, Noah, and her dog, Dean.

Briana (she/her) – Family and Student Services Director

Briana joined Harmony in 2022. She began her career working with children when she organized an outdoor skills camp out for children when she was 12 years old! The journey since then has been focused on gaining more knowledge and understanding of the joy and work of childhood, especially inspired by the works of Magda Gerber and RIE, Maria Montessori, anti-bias curriculum, and a love of nature. Briana graduated from the Primary Montessori training program at Montessori Northwest in 2007. She has worked in various early childhood programs as a teacher, then program director and curriculum coordinator around the Portland area. Briana lives in Oregon City with her husband, John, and two children, Quinn and Seamus, and cat, Mika. They can often be found outside, working in their ever expanding garden, finding a new waterway to canoe, or playing a board game together. Briana is often the photographer during this time, or might be gathering things to eat (mushrooms, berries) or seeds to plant. She also enjoys hand crafts, reading sci-fi novels, baking and preserving food, and playing music

Andrea (she/her) – Administrative Assistant

Andrea joined the Harmony community in June of 2019 after an “awe-inspiring” tour with Alicia as a parent. She has been working in the Portland Montessori community since taking her Primary (3-6) training at Montessori Northwest in 2006. After working in a Primary classroom as a lead guide for four years she joined the staff at Montessori Northwest as Admissions Director and Administrative Assistant. During this time, Andrea also earned her Assistants to Infancy Diploma (Birth to three) as well as her M.Ed. in Montessori Education from Loyola University Maryland. Outside of Harmony Andrea and her husband, Ben, enjoy the happily hectic life with a toddler, Odin, and their infant, Bronwyn. She enjoys visiting the forests around Portland, gardening with her family as well as sneakily knitting when the household sleeps.