The Forest Room

Millie Lang – Elementary Lead Guide

Emily Stebbins – Elementary Co-Guide

Millie Lang has been part of Harmony Montessori School and its community since the opening of our elementary program in 2013.  Millie has over ten years of experience in Montessori Education and received her A.M.S. Primary Certification in 2006 and A.M.I Elementary certification in 2013.  She loves woodworking and crafts.  When not creating or designing she enjoys exploring the outdoors and gathering historical stories of the Great Northwest with her husband Cameron, her son Atreyu and daughter, Rebel.  In the classroom, Millie is passionate about sowing the seeds of intrigue that allow each child to follow their own unique path to discovery.

“In the Primary the children use their absorbent mind to explore their surroundings.  In the Elementary the children use their reasoning mind to imagine possibilities.  It’s our job to show the second plane children the universe and provide the tools necessary for exploration.  Harmony Montessori understands the needs of these young inquisitive minds and I’m so grateful to be a part of such a supportive community.”     -Millie

Emily Stebbins joined Harmony in 2013 as a primary assistant and was inspired to get her A.M.I. Elementary Certification in 2016. She also has a bachelor’s degree in Human Ecology and Sustainable Community Development along with over ten years of experience working in education. Emily speaks fluent Spanish, enjoys gardening and gathering wild plants, and loves to share songs as a way of building community both in and out of the classroom. Otherwise, you can find her making pizza with her husband, Chris, enjoying their son, Robin born in 2016 and their two cats. Emily is excited to be a part of the Forest Room, where she shares the children’s curiosity about the universe, their love of a compelling story, and their desire to work together towards a greater good.