Summer Program


Exploring the Natural World around us.

Harmony Montessori offers a Summer Program from 6 to 8 weeks in length, with several enrollment options.   The summer programs always have a special theme and there is a strong emphasis on arts and crafts, nature, and outdoor experiences.

Our summer programs are not open to the public and are only open to our currently enrolled children, newly enrolled or returning alumni.

This more relaxed session, honors the child’s need to be both active, creative and engaged in this lovely summer season.  There is a fun outdoor environment, which is always popular, and we offer field trips to beautiful, uncrowded places in nature.

Children who plan to begin the following school year often start their Harmony experience during these summer weeks.  It’s a wonderful introduction to our school community.

Alumni children also love to return for the  Summer Program, and can enjoy a program specifically designed for their level of learning.

Children’s House

Elementary (1st grade – 6th grade)



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