Children’s House

Discovering relationships through exploration

The Children’s House program, also know as the primary program, is a classroom community of children from 2.5 years of age to 6 years of age who gather and grow together in a prepared environment.  This environment is specially designed to appeal to the primary aged child and is filled with developmentally appropriate materials which help the child in his ultimate work of “creating the adult he is to become”.

During the ages of 3-6 years of age a child is in a distinctive period of learning which Dr. Montessori described as “The Conscious Absorbent Mind”.  This plane is of fundamental importance for the formation of the individual.  The absorbent mind is characterized by the “Sensitive Periods”.  These periods enable the child to absorb new concepts or skills such as language, order, refinement of the senses, movement, and social relations at specific times.  The child in this stage wants to be free to work independently within a structured environment doing real activities with an intelligent purpose.

Summer Program

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