Board of Trustees

The Harmony Montessori School Board of Trustees is committed to the preservation and implementation of the School’s mission.  It is made up of volunteer parents and community members who share a belief in Montessori education and a passion for Harmony Montessori School and continuing to enable the school to grow and maintain its mission.  In any given year, our members may be parents or grandparents of current and former HMS students, educators, professionals, community leaders, CPAs, business owners, and healers.  As a group, the Board is responsible for the hiring and evaluation of the Head of School, strategic planning, and the long-term financial stewardship and governance of the school.  It provides leadership in all development and fundraising efforts as well.  In short, the Board exists to ensure that Harmony Montessori School is viable to serve the children of the greater Portland community long into the future.


There are several committees of the Board, which include Finance; Personnel; Development; and Fundraising.  Meetings are monthly, with additional meetings scheduled as needed.  Committees make recommendations that provide insight and direction for Board governance decisions.  The Board is always interested in receiving recommendations and applications for future trustee candidates.  Please contact the Board Chair or the Head of School to learn more about the application process and serving to support the growth and institutional development of HMS.

Harmony Montessori Schools 2015-16 Board of Trustees

Board Chair – Noel Wardwell (Harmony Parent)

Secretary – Melissa Trimberger (Harmony Parent)

President – Kim Greer (Harmony Montessori Head of School)

Treasurer – Barry Gault (Community Member)

Board Member – Dave Whitcomb (Harmony Parent)

Board Member – Dalia Avello (Community Member)

Board Member – Michael Martin (Community Member)