Help your child grow in a world of fascination and wonder where learning becomes a lifelong passion of discovery.  Harmony Montessori School of Portland fosters deep connections between the children, the people in their lives and the amazing world around them.

View this wonderful video of a parent illustrating how Montessori education fosters a love of learning for children and afterwards, contact us to schedule a tour and see firsthand how Harmony Montessori School can liven your child’s eyes.


I am so happy to have Eryk at Harmony and getting to have experiences like “Going Out.” It really means to the world to me to know that he is not only learning these great skills but that he feels comfortable and safe in the world, having been surrounded by people he trusts, loves and enjoys for most of his life. I am thankful every day the people he has in his life are all such supportive, strong, amazing role models for my children. Thank all of you at Harmony from the bottom of my heart!!                                                      -Maya Bowen, Current Harmony Parent

Learn more about our programs:

Children’s House (ages 2 1/2 – 6)

Elementary Program (1st grade – 6th grade)


Summer Program




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